Self-guided or guided visit

Visit duration: from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Self-guided visit

Visit by yourself following the tour marked out and commented on 20 rooms.
For the visit you can use the various available supports.

Paper map in your language

A free of charge paper document is delivered at your arrival. Inside the document find a map of the site and information related to the 20 rooms of the museum. Thanks to this document, discover the museum at your rhythm.

This map is available in the 18 following languages. Click on the flag to upload yours!

Audio & Media Guide

Thanks to a touchpad, discover unpublished contents: Interactive map, photos, enriched information to read or to listen, digital animations.

  • availble in English and in French
  • booking: 3.50€
  • deposit: 250€ (cash, credit card)

Book the Media Guide with your visit

For at least 20 people, book your Media Guide:

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The quiz invites children to discover the two ancient farms and their underground rooms in a more thorough way. On each step a detail is underlined to deepen their knowledge about the life of the farm and their inhabitants.

  • For an indidual visit , the Troglo' Quiz is proposed for children with at least 7 years old.
  • With an international exchange, the Troglo' Quiz allows to test the French vocabulary on everyday areas.
  • For a school visit, the Troglo' Quiz usually completes the guided presentation "the Essential" et allows students to pay attention in each room.

Available in 6 languages. Click on the flag to upload yours!

For at least 20 people, book your Troglo' Quiz :

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