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Artistic Installations of Lionel Benancie

Artist living in the village of Louresse-Rochemenier, Lionel Benancie worked several times with the museum. His interest in architecture and applied arts, allows him to use several media to express his art: design, image, sound.

The work of Lionel is part of a contemporary setting with often very bright colors and a game on perception. The spectator's gaze is lost through trompe-l'œil or by creating different dimensions. Thus his creations are not linear and can be read in different ways.

These two installations are representative of his universe.


the Troglosphere presents troglodyte dwellings by reproducing an underground world, occupied by men, animated as in the past. The activities formerly carried out in Rochemenier are represented.

This permanent installation is discovered by turning the wheel on which it is placed.

Energie Fossile - Fossil Energy

Made from recycled materials such as plastic, fabric or foam, this work takes the form of several roots coming out of the walls of the underground chapel, then spreading along the walls and the floor.

This temporary installation links our current fossils, which are difficult to recycle, with the fossils exhibited at the museum and those present in the falun rock. The name of the work "Fossil Energy" recalls the origin of plastic created from oil.

Installation visible from June 9 to November 8, 2018

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