The Cave Dwelling Museum

Visit the underground part of Rochemenier.

The museum

Rochemenier Located in Western France Located in Western France, between the Loire valley and the Atlantic coast, the cave dwelling village museum of Rochemenier invites you to discover an underground world.
On 1 hectare, discover two ancient troglodytic farms with their rooms and dependencies.

A unique underground lifestyle in the Loire valley!

  • historical furniture, objects and old pictures
  • an underground chapel
  • a chicken coop

From the underground chapel dug out in the 13th century to the latest modernized caves, stroll through this unique housing environment.

New tools for the visit!

In addition to the traditional underground route with its living rooms and daily life objects, permanent installations, using digital, sound and visual technologies are put in place to revive these farms.

  • Troglosphere. Troglosphere presents troglodyte dwellings by reproducing an underground world, occupied by men, animated as in the past.
  • Movie "Preserve & pass down". A child is walking in the museum, he is amazed to see these tools and machines there. The old man is going to introduce it to the child, to show him the story and to pass on to him his knowledge.
  • The shadow evening gathering. The shadows thrown on the walls of the cellar plunge us into the atmosphere of a village evening.
  • Augmented dwelling. The sound system in several zones and the punctual lighting create the life of the inhabitants of this house.
  • Troglodytes in the world. Visit virtually in family the troglodytic sites of France and the world thanks to an interactive touchpad.

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